Crystal Energy Awareness

Crystal Clear Intentions presents the first part of your journey to the world of Crystals.

Below is some information about Crystal Energy Awareness, see our Workshops page for more details.


Crystals are a living form of beauty and energy vibration. There is the physical aspect of the form and colour of each one that you are drawn to and a feeling you get of energy or vibration from them.

The beauty, the feel, the size, shape  and the type of each one creates an energy that you relate to and gives you an awareness of the characteristics of the physical form.


One often feels the energy of heat when holding the Crystal that is meant for you at that time and that warm feeling draws you to the need to have it in you space. All of these perceptions are the energy of the crystal being presented in physical form.

However there are many other experiences of the energy flow of the crystal that can only be felt when one connects in your silent space often through meditation and you take the opportunity to become it with your breath. This experience cannot be achieved with the mind as it has no knowledge or experience of it to bring back to your consciousness.

A crystal is a living breathing thing with an energy all of its own and as that energy it is able to transmit the healing or the enlivenment of the properties to those that connect and become it. Each has its own individuality and will respond to the energy that is being given to them at any given time.

If one works in chaos it has the ability to enhance the chaos being experienced. If one is in a state of peace it will enhance the peace. If one is healing and are drawn to use a particular stone it will enhance the effects of the healing.

There are many publications written that explain the characteristics and uses that each one described has and are good to be used as a guide. However when one is truly in tune with the truth of the energy being portrayed it will become very obvious that there are far wider ranging properties available from them.

Love to be Loved

Crystals, love to be loved, not worship or relied upon.

When one develops as the breath this love and embodies the crystal in the love, as the love, it relates as any living thing relates to the love and only wants the best for you in this combined space. They are your friend and one must never abuse the trust of this friend as it may have dyer consequences to the level of attainment.

A prime example of this is the outcome that occurred in Atlantis where some used and abused the truth of the energy that was available at this time.

The power experienced during this time was far greater than most of our understanding or perception and when used for self and against the continued balance of the universe at the time, steps were taken to relieve this power from those that abused it culminating in the destruction of this continent and all that inhabited it. However with this wisdom, realizing that it was not the crystals that were at fault replaced the position of the energy of the combined minerals and set up guardians to protect and insure that the true reason for there presence and existence was maintained.

At this present time with the changes that are occurring in the universe as we move towards further enlightenment, through the heighten vibration , crystals are now becoming enlivened and those that are seeking their truth are being drawn to them and are being informed of the their powers and reasons for their existence. 

Our Workshops are being made available to start you on your understanding of Crystals.  With our wisdom and knowledge of Crystals we offer guidance of the right crystal for you.  How to connect with them to assist in your own healing of raising your vibration through unconditional love allowing yourself to let go and discover your true self with the assistance of their amazing vibration and power. 

It is a great privilege and honour to work with these beautiful and amazing energies of the Crystals.

Classes are run in groups see our Workshops page for details on these classes.