“Discovering You” – Workshops information

What is “Discovering You”?

Below is some information on how the process of  “Discovery You” works, see our Workshops page for more details.

ascensionLife, or we call it Ascension is the process through which each soul passes during each of its incarnations. The process of attaining evolution and understanding through the many experiences and situations that their Guides and ministering angels place them in to become the energy of their truth.

We are conscious of the existence of 2 bodies which make up who we are. The Physical and the Spiritual. Both are working in tandem and as part of ones understanding of ones ascension (or “Discovering you”) it becomes necessary to establish an awareness of the energy of both.

The physical is fairly well known to us as we have been guided and influenced to develop it however there are parts of its understanding that happen automatically and we have no conscious awareness of its existence and we respond accordingly without thought or any need for contemplation about the Automatic action and reaction.

All actions and thoughts created are energy and have an associated Feeling Tone. That is the way we feel about each experience. Those feeling tones that are positive we tend to advance towards and they produce a positive energy to which we can relate to in a positive way. Those that are negative we tend to shy away from and often hope that they will just disappear.

However they keep coming back to try to influence the way in which we think and feel about them in our lives, because that is what we have programmed our brains to do. The “Discovering You” workshops assists you to recognise them in your truth and to think how you think about them and gives you the means to change them to a positive, creative thought (through energy and thought) and to dispel them from our reality for ever.

This is the first understanding that we must achieve to be able to get to that space where we are able to really experience the truth of the energies that are around us and those that make up who you are.

Meditation in the early stages is of vital importance. This process helps you to recognise the energy present and to distinguish between that energy that is truth of  the Universe and that understanding which obviously comes from your physical awareness. It takes you to your quiet still space where there is no thing: Just peace.

When one is in this space through meditation it assists in reconnecting you with yourself. To truly feel the energy of you and be thankful for who you are. It is a space you can tap into the Universal Force and receive wisdom and knowledge and feel open to give and receive.  It is a space where the emotions are not present and hence you can see clarity in any situation you are facing. Your reality becomes apparent.

Discovering you Workshops works on releasing and unraveling the layers of life. This is done through the physcial thinking and through the assistance of energy through and around you. 

We look at how you have become who you are, Influences from others in your life, beliefs, patterns and start to seek the true you underneath all those layers that life has put upon you so far.  

We give you life tools of ways to look at life differently, to be able to create your intentions and most importantly feel lighter, happier, healthier and abundant in your everyday life.

Discovering You Workshops are done in a group session setting. See our Workshops page for more details.