I have been doing these Workshops in Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand and I have now moved to Switzerland where I am doing these Workshops in group sessions online through Videos and Zoom.

We run a register for those interested in these Workshops, so if you are interested please register your interest by including your name and which Workshop you are interested in via email at and we will notify you when we have enough people ready for a class and we will then set a date for the next class and advise the details of session times and cost.

Discovering You

Discover who you truly are by regonising what has made up you so far

Workshop includes:

  1. Introduction – Brief description of who you are and why? What and how you have become who you are today
  2. Recognising influences from others
  3. Your beliefs and patterns in life
  4. How to become the new you
  5. Energy of Crystals, Meditation, Numerology and how to tap into your energy and connect with the Universal Force
  6. Life Tools to create your life, your way

This Workshop is run online in group sessions in a safe secure environment with no judgement.  A teaching space you can safely let go and release yourself from negativity in your life. A must for those that truly want to be able to just be themselves without any hard work of keeping yourself up there in life.  To be able to get to know yourself better than anyone else you know.  This Workshop of Discovering You – is for those who are genuinely seeking their inner truth.

Contact Us

If you are interested in these workshop please email us to register your interest.

Crystal Energy Awareness Workshop

Connecting you with the vibration of the Crystal energy

Workshop includes:

1. Discover the beauty of the crystals through their beauty, colour, shape.and size

2. Star sign crystals that benefit your vibration and healing aspects

3. Connect to your energy and the energy of the crystal through meditation

4. How we use them in healing of yourself

5. Recongising the vibration and how this can enhance your life and surroundings

This workshop is done in a group session through online Video and Zoom Sessions.  To register your interest please email us with your name and Worksop you are interested in and we can advise when, where and the cost of the next session available.