Selenite Soap Shape Stone

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Selenite Soap Shape Stone



Selenite is a beautiful translucent crystal with a fine vibration that brings clarity to the mind.  It is a very calming stone especially great to use to get the the source of the problem.  It assists to access past lives as well as future lives and in this way it removes energy blockages such as tumors that have come into the body as a dis-ease.  It is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.  It seems to assist situations by showing you the goings on without the emotions attached.  This enables you to see things how they really are so you can let go and move forward.  Some call this stone “White Magic”.  A wonderful stone to assist with opening up your Clairvoyant abilities.  No need to cleanse Selenite as it is self cleansing and cannot get wet as it is a friable crystal.


Selenite assists in aligning  the spinal column and promotes helps with flexibility.  Its calming ability can help  guard against epileptic seizures.  This stone can work as a neutralizes like mercury poisoning from dental amalgam and can help reverses the effect.  A very popular stone used by those who do massages to release any energy blocked in the body.  The Soap shape is easily used by cupping in the palm of your hand and then use it to massage down the body.  When used careful not to get oils or water onto Selenite as it does dissolve when  wet.

Selenite dissolves when wet.

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White Selenite Soap Shape Stone often used as a massage stone cupped into the palm of your hand

Weight:  0.085kg

Length:  6.5cm

Width:  4.5cm

Depth: 1cm