Purple Fluorite Pyramid Medium

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Purple Fluorite Pyramid Medium



Fluorite is what was once the baby of the Crystal World has now grown up in its energy with it’s purple ray in particular becoming stronger than Amethyst as the Universe vibration has stepped up.  These rays assists individuals with the ability to stabilize and produce order in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.   In the Pyramid shape the energy draws up from the base and radiates out through the point.  Purple Fluorite pyramids can be placed on tin to become Electro Magnetic Filters.  This protects you from any transmitters, cellphone towers, computers, microwaves and in fact there is so many Electro Magnetic fields around us today.


The purple Fluorite protects your environment in a pyramidal shape by itself but when placed on tin it acts as a strong EMF.  It is a powerful healing tool, dealing with infections and disorders.  Helps to clarify things in ones mind. See both reality and truth behind illusion.  Emotional wellbeing. It is powerful against virus. It dissipates emotional trauma and clears infections. It is particularly effective at absorbing negative energies within the environment. heightens one’s intuition.

Purple Fluorite as an EMF (Electromagnetic Filter)
Electro Magnetic fields occur in out homes and workplaces due to electrical wiring, appliances and exterior power sources like transformers and power lines. Cars can also have stray EF fields due to the presence of alternators that charge the car battery. The EMF filter is designed to remove this problem. We have also discovered that it is unhealthy to live within 2km of a power station.
To assemble the EMF filter simply place the Fluorite Crystal Pyramid on a tin lid.  The presence of tin is important. Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper or other materials don’t work. A lid from a baked bean can, will work perfectly. Place the pyramid and the filter out of the way on a high shelf. One filter should cover an area of an average house.
Initially the filter collects stray EMF and begins to pulse, this can be felt by some people and occasionally individuals feel the need to sit down until the filter has scrubbed the local area, this normally takes around 5-10 minutes.
The filter then operates by transmitting a harmonious and healing energy field. At present this is undetectable by conventional means.
A demonstration of the way in which the Crystal transmits can be seen when the crystal fluoresces are exposed to UV light. In simple terms the filter operates like a crystal radio that is powered by the stray EMF that exists in homes and workplaces and transmits a frequency determined by the type and shape of the crystal. Fluorite is said to absord and neutralizes negative vibrations. It makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones. Fluorite is also known as the “Genius Stone”, in that it increases concentration and helps in decision making. The pyramid shape of the crystal is a powerful shape mathematically and is used in many modalities for focusing and stabilizing energy. Indications are that it is important to have a particular crystal matched to the individual(s) and the worse the EMF environment you live in the more effective the healing aspect of the filter.

Regular cleansing is required as a lot of energy is collected in the base of pyramid crystals.

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Purple Fluorite Pyramid

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Size;  4.5cm Diameter approx.