Moss Agate Tumble Stone

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Moss Agate Tumble Stone


*Minimum order of 4 tumble stones which can be of the same or a selection


Agates are beautiful well balanced energy like the yin yang.  Moss Agate is enjoyed by those that love working with nature particularly plants.  This stone helps you see the beauty in all things and helps with new beginnings.  I guess that’s why Midwives like to use it during births.  It also works on lessening the pain during labor. A great combination in its rays of colour as often it is dark green with a pale blue assisting optimism and helping against depression.


Moss able is very calming so the body can recovery very quickly from an illness.  The dark green colour is useful as an anti-inflammatory and relieves pain in organs in the lower tummy region.  A good stone to have when you have colds, flu, high temperatures or skin diseases.  Many of these alignments come from stress so Moss Agate energy calms and re balances the energy throughout the body.  This stone promotes creativity to let go of the hard stuff and dream a little.  A crystal for strength to help one’s take that step forward by allowing your creativity to flow.

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Tumble stone price are per each.  Sizes and colours can vary.

*Minimum order of 4 tumble stones which can be of the same or a selection