Chrysocolla Tumble Stone

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Chrysocolla Tumble Stone


*Minimum order of 4 tumble stones which can be of the same or a selection


Chrysocolla is a beautiful stone.  With its’s vibrant green, blue colour its great as a communication stone.  This stone draws off negative energies around individuals and in the home.  The colour of this stone assists through the heart and the throat Chakra making it a great stone to give healing for matters of the heart when involving disputes, grief or breakups with relationships involving family or friends.


This stone has a beautiful cooling energy to it.  It can aid with infections to take the heat out of them and soothes burns.  Works great on soothing inflamed tonsils or throat alignments.   Working strongly through the heart and throat Chakra healing for the digestive tract and lung problems.  Chrysocolla green ray works on treating arthritis and muscle spasms.  Chrysocolla with its turquoise ray assists on a hormonal level and will assist with menstrual cramps and all things relating to PMS for women and helps to regenerates the pancreas to regulates the insulin and balances the blood.  A great stone for communication and gives inner strength.



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Tumble stone prices are per each.  Size and colour can vary.

*Minimum order of 4 tumble stones which can be of the same or a selection