Amethyst Tumble Stone

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Amethyst Tumble Stone


*Minimum order of 4 tumble stones which can be of the same or a selection


Amethyst is still one of the most overall healing Crystals.  This is because it is Clear Quartz based containing seven rays of colour and the with the purple ray into the six sided points in its natural beauty just amazing.  I was given the message that the Clear Quartz was the first crystal on earth and was for the balance of the earth and then when people came the purple ray or seed was put into the quartz for the balance of people.  Just an amazing all rounder Crystal.  Aids in raising the vibration to the energy of the room and yourself and especially used in the energy of healing rooms or meditation.


This crystal balances the negative and positive in all things around you and within yourself.  It protects around you in your environment dispelling any negativity.  It can boost the production of your hormones and balance your metabolism.  Amethyst relieves physcial and emotional pain and stress.  Relieve tension headaches.  It reduces bruising, injuries and swelling.  Strengthens the immune system.  Useful for placing on the eyelids to relieve sore eyes from straining.  It aids in bringing restful sleep.  Stimulates the throat and brow to crown Chakra.



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Tumble stones vary in size and colour.  Price is per each stone.

*Minimum order of 4 tumble stones which can be of the same or a selection