Crystal Clear Intentions - Healings

Chakra balancing, Energy balancing, Crystal Layouts, Emotional healing, Stress Release, Guided Healing & Rejuvenatio


Healings are to re discover You.  To balance and enhance your energy to enable your own intuition and awareness to become more apparent.

To release any blockages holding you back in life.  Messages are sometimes given through the healing to assist the individual to unblock and move forward.  The healing of any dis-ease that has entered the body as a form of disease.

Many give the experience of feeling lighter, free, more like themselves.  A complete balance and rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul.  Healings take approximately 1 hour.

Due to me moving from Tauranga, New Zealand to Switzerland these sessions are currently only available through Skype (unless you are living or visiting Switzerland) where you are placed into an energy and then I am guided to what comes through and where to go to release and unblock anything holding you back from yourself.  We can release old patterns and assist you in self healing in the future through your Chakras.  Guidance on your personality, health, career and what each year is about for you.

There is a lot of heat (energy) that comes through my hands and I am guided of what is required. No healing ever seems the same as the guides know best. 

To arrange and appointment please email me  or  you can message me through Facebook  .  Healing cost is $80 per hour.

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