Our Services will assist you to develop your awareness, become your authentic self by discovering your truth, enhance your life, improve your health, create and manifest your intentions by becoming at one with the Universal Energy through the assistance of Crystal energy and Numerology


Chakra balancing, Energy balancing, Crystal Layouts, Emotional healing, Stress Release, Guided Healing and rejuvenation. Healings are to re discover You. To balance and enhance your energy to enable your own intuition and awareness to become more apparent. To release any blockages holding you back in life. Messages are sometimes given through the healing to assist the individual to unblock and move forward. The healing of any dis-ease that has entered the body as a form of disease. Many give the experience of feeling lighter, free, more like themselves. A complete balance and rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul. Read More About Healings


Workshops for your Ascension

Crystal awareness, Self-Awareness – Discovering You, Numerology profiling -discovering your vibration through your numbers and others around you. Ascension programs guidance and wisdom.

If interested please contact me and I will place you on our register then contact you when the next Workshop is available. Read More About Workshops