Discovering “YOU”

Discover the power to create and recreate

Develop and live in a new, found strength!

You have been drawn here because you are at that point or have been taken to the point where you believe you want to make a difference to the person that you think you are and to the life that you and others have created for you to exist in.

You have all been brought to this time (instant) by many different pathways which have resulted in the development of who you are today.

Firstly you are NOT all bad, you have not failed, and that there is hope for you to be anything other than what you perceive you are at this moment. So stop thinking you are, as this very thought will be recreated and continue to become what you believe you are in the future.

Start by recognising and believing that you are WORTH it all and are entitled to become who, “You want to be.”

Think about this statement: You are the product of everybody else’s thoughts and opinions. We think that we are all individuals. We have the power to create and recreate in our minds what we want to believe and become in the future and you are right. However, before we can create a new concept or idea we must search our brains for the information to create these so called new concepts.

Ask yourself: “Where has your information come from?” “Who or what has influenced you to believe it in the first place?”

Our so called new thoughts created in this medium are only a rehash of what is already there and what you believe you are. The way we feel about them also depends on “Who told you” and what influence did they have on you at the time.

If you felt good and accepted them they will represent accordingly if not they will present as a warning to possibly reconsider. (This is the job of your Subconscious mind) See, “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT”

You are only following that which someone else told you that you should be or think you should be. Were they wrong? No, it was what they had been influenced to be or think by others who only want the best for them at the time. To be able to survive in this space that we find ourselves in this instant. It’s a viscous circle that humanity has been caught up in for all time.

Now, think about this. When you were born your brains were empty of the thoughts and ideas of others and as you progressed to where you are today, you were subjected to them all and became who you are today. You remembered and became them all. If you could do it then, why can’t you do it again now?

The mechanism is still there, only it is somewhat clouded by the already present thoughts and ideas that make who you are. You created them then so why not change them or create new ones that will influence who you actually want to be and become.

You were in control then as you are today. Only then you had nothing to compare it with. You had to accept it all as the truth, your truth. Now you have a life time of experiences to recall and can now change your understanding according to your own new understanding – TO DEVELOP AND ACCEPT YOUR REAL TRUTH.

“Impossible, You say” No! You have already done it once, so why not again.“That would be a huge job” No! again. All you need to do is draw an imaginary line in front of you. Ahead is only the new you and behind are all the thoughts ideas concepts that you were.

When you are really ready to start to make the change, step over the line and only look forward. There will be good things and relationships from the past that you would want to continue to be part of the new you – BRING THEM WITH YOU. But become aware of those that you no longer want to be and leave them behind.

Why would you want to bring them with you? This process will begin to develop your new acceptable base, just as it did in the past. The head will possibly be telling you that this is impossible or it’s too hard or any other reason to keep you under its perceived control. It’s only reacting to how you have programmed it to respond – CHANGE IT NOW.

Now what do I do? Now, if you choose, begin your new life as you want it. 

So…welcome to the start of your new awareness of the Ascension of your self. This course is designed to help you (if you choose) to find and become you. Each session will help you to find your answers to your questions and develop and recognise your new truth. When you have completed them all, there is the opportunity to advance to a completely new way of being.

  • You WILL find the abundance in your new life and become it.
  • You WILL find a new peace associated with all things that you are and become it always.
  • Your relationships that are important to you WILL be enhanced.
  • You WILL develop and live in a new strength, and be able to cope with every situation in the peace that you are. 

How do I know?

Every soul that has travelled through the course and worked and become them has experience a complete life change for their betterment in all things. Remember it is YOUR pathway and every change experienced is because you have become them.

What happens at the end?

There is no end only further growth and we will walk with you for as long as you desire. The program is designed to give YOU the opportunity to find and become you. 

This program is set out over a 6 sessions timeframe, usually over consecutive weeks however it is possible for you to adapt your progress to suit.

If you are interested in this course check out our Workshops for more information and then contact us at Crystal Clear Intentions to set up an arrangement.

Love and Light

“Take control and be the person you want be”

Becoming YOU

“Develop and live in a new, found strength”

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