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Founder & Director Of Crystal Clear Intentions

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 As a Co-Founder of the Ascension Healing & Crystal Centre and now owner of Crystal Clear Intentions, I was drawn to create the energy for the awareness to be experienced and awakened by every individual soul. Along my life journey of self discovery there has been many experiences along the way. Many life changing occurrences have happened along my own Ascension and the Universe has become open to me.


I am a strong believer in bringing your awareness as part of your everyday life.

The awareness of who I am and the becoming of this has connected me to the unconditional love of the Universe. Along my journey I have been gifted to give this love to all those that meet my path so that their awareness is awakened to their truth of who they are It is in this love that I have been blessed to work with the wonders of the crystal & mineral world. These beautiful energies are my passion. Their healing properties are endless and are very powerful energies that with the guidance work miracles. It is with great joy that I am able to work with groups and individuals as a teacher for the awakening of their awareness and with the beautiful aid of these crystal energies to enhance and help in the awakening for each and every individual. I am a strong believer in bringing your awareness as part of your everyday life. A healing card appeared in front of me out of nowhere and the message on the card was from the Archangel Michael, which said, “Crystal-Clear Intentions” – “Be clear about what you desire and focus upon it with unwavering faith”. This I believe is part of my purpose to walk with others to guide them on their life journey by assisting them to be the energy they want to attract. This then enables their intentions to be created and happen. During a Meditation I was guided to open a retail Crystal Healing Store in Papamoa and call it Crystal Clear Intentions. I followed my spiritual vision and found the shop at Palm Beach Palza, Papamoa and it was vacant. Of course it was absolutely perfect. With the opening of the shop it allows me to share all my gifts I recognise this is my life journey and I feel very blessed & privileged to walk and give guidance with all those on their life journey. I was given nearing my completion time of being in the Crystal Store I would meet a Sharma and the light would replenish me to give me rejuvenation ready for the next period in my life’s journey. In May 2014 I was blessed to go to Peru and there I sat with a Sharma and had a re connection with Mother Earth which reconnected me to who I am. I had a passion for sometime to teach the awakening or the becoming of YOU. After having some time with the Sharma I was able to say, that I am a teacher and so the teacher in me had become who I am. Crystals and their beautiful vibration are a big part of the healing and Ascension process and so I use their energy through my work. Crystals are available for purchase through this website shop. I am available to discuss, advise and tune into the best Crystals for you. My work has taken me into further teaching so keep watching for more Workshops to be up and running. If you have a small group you would like me to work with for the connection of Crystals, Meditation and finding yourself, please contact me. We take many tours around the World and along the way we  teach the Ascension progress through the wonderful energies we experience from place to place and it is just amazing. I am always taking enquirers for travel journeys, so keep an eye out for the next tour planned.

I feel very honoured to meet and work  with beautiful people discovering themselves and watching their lives change as they create their intentions.

Many blessings to you all as we journey together.

Love & Light Gaylene

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