Energy and Chakra balancing, Emotional healing, Stress Release, Guided Counselling to unlock, release and restore. Guidance on your Crystal healing stones. Numerology profiling for the discovery of your weakness and strengths for health, career, and personal growth. Wisdom, knowledge and messages given to assist you in your life.


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Crystals and gemstones are used in a wide range of healing therapies. They can be placed in your home or business environment or held to assist with both the release and the raising of your vibration in and around you.

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Crystal Clear Intentions Workshops offer a beautiful experience of the discovery of yourself. Knowledge and guidance of working with the Crystal energies, Numerology and the Universal forces. Its a must for all those who are genuinely seeking their inner truth and guidance.

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Our Tours offer an experience of a lifetime! All our tours offer an extraordinary energy experience, where teachings, friendship, guidance and support is offered. These tours are designed around the discovery of yourself alongside like-minded people, whilst visiting beautiful energy places around the globe which assist in raising your vibration and feeling the love around you and within you. When we experience and tap into the energy of the Wonders of the World there is an energy change that stays with us for evermore and life seems so much more.

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Welcome to Crystal Clear Intentions

Crystal Clear Intentions is guided through the Universal Force Energy to assist You to becoming Your true self by tuning in to assist individuals with an understanding and self awareness of who You are.

We are all about discovering the True YOU and all our services and products are to unblock, release and enhance YOU so that you can release yourself from any dis-ease and raise your vibration and set your intentions with unwavering faith to bring out your intuition in everything you choose to do.

Every happening and event in your life has an energy attached and if the not so good energy builds up too much your Chakra (energy centers) will become blocked and it needs to be released from the mind, body and soul or the energy will go from a dis-ease to a disease and many tumor’s and disorders can be formed this way.  These blocks can hold you back from giving things a go in life and caused self sabotage and then blocking good things coming to you.

With the assistance of the Universal force, numerology and Crystals a healing can take place to release any blocks holding you back.  You will feel lighter as if the weight of the World has been lifted off you.  You will become unblocked and start to know the true you.  You will become less worried about what others thoughts and opinions are. Recognise old patterns and become aware of emotions taking you away from your truth.    

Our Workshops, Healings and Tours are all to assist you with the awareness of discovering you by giving you tools to seek who you truly are and to be You without any pretence. We do this without having to go right back through your life as we are going forward. What’s done is done and you can’t go back but you can decide how you go about your life by recognising situations and having the tools to look at it differently. Without the knowledge of tools we just keep doing life the only way we know and often can’t seem to break the pattern.

It is time to discover what you truely believe and what is best for You. This is Your Life, Your Way and you are not here to live up to others expectations by just pleasing others. You are here to be your true self otherwise you will become exhausted as it’s not the real you!

It is time to recognise there is two parts to you, there is your Physical body and your Energy body and when you become aware and atonement with both you will see the Universal Laws working all around you and you will be able to Manifest your wants and desires and be guided in everything you do.

Through the Universal Force guidance, Crystal energy and Numerology we assists you with tools to discover You. We walk with you in a safe non judgement space so you are able to seek your own answers and heal yourself. As you release the heaviness of layers, you open out like the beautiful Lotus flower and you reveal and radiate out your light to yourself and the World. As this light you become consciously aware of all that you create and you can become the Master of Manifestation in all that you do and want and desire.

Is it Your time to discover You and create Your Life, for You? To recognise influences, be aware of thoughts and emotions. To take control of your mind and allow yourself to be atonement with all that you are by Co-Creating and becoming conscious creator in all that you do. To feel happier, free, healthy and abundant.

Whatever you choose please know that You are Enough!

We are here to walk with you if you choose and we send out many blessings to all of you.


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Video Tutorial - Realign Your 7 Chakras

This simple demonstration can help leave you feeling totally refreshed and energized.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that transalted means circle, wheel. into a spinning wheel. In our body are seven chakras or energy centres.

Each Chakra correlates to a particular color and vibrational frequency within our universe.

These are major influences on our feelings, including physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When Chakras alignment is achieves with the universal engery flow,  our day to day life becomes harmonious and joyful.